Royetto hexgol

Royeto's oficial image in Peace and Love

"Lucis, I don't care about the color of your eyes; I love just by the way you are..." Royetto in the B support conversation with Lucis.


Royetto is the genderbend of Lulipta. He is the husband of Lucis the captain of the Genderbends. Royetto was created by Allie, the magest mage. He is always trying to help other people just as Lulipta does. For watch Royetto in Peace a Love you need to answer some questions about Lulipta.


Royetto is a calm person. He likes to sing. Royetto´s sons are: Iucis, the elder sister; Inucis, the brother of the middle; Irucis, the little boy. He lived in an island with the other genderbend, but the allie take him to join the war.


Lulipta, Ilucis, Coolkie, Boty, Gardin, Lucis, Achesis, Ilucy, Cecil, Bonna, Lucky, Eylo, Rayar, Lena, Oshley, Ally, Cormila, Notasha, Inucis, Irucis, Iucis,

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