-hecha con amor

Rayar after singing "Hecha con Amor".

Es lo que yo soy, tal como lo ves. Si crees qu puedes vencerme debes pensarlo otra vez. Soy un un sentimiento que no se acabara. N permitire que dañes mi planeta o amigos. Rayar´s phrase in "Hecha con Amor"


Rayar is the generbend of Roger. She is the Queen of Ostia. Her brother is Royetto, the legendary hero. She is in love with Ilucy, Lucy´s genderbend, but she has a daughter with A'rchel. She joins the battle when Glu Glu defeats Roger. She joins because she knows that she is a fusion, a love fusion.


She is very fun, she likes her friends, is addicted to Lena, loves her brother, likes cats, hates Cecil, and is always helping her cousin Lucis.


Royetto, Lucis, Ilucy, A'rchel, Lena, Gardin, Allie, Dirio, Hughett, Cutte, Eylo, Caster, Laquely, Edia

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