"Star as long as we are together the world will be a beatiful space because you are with me" Moon in the C support conversation with Star.

Moon is the son of Len Reglay, the brother of Nys, Nyse, Tru, Balour, Star, Narsa, Narse, Herena, Hereno, Ashlyn, and Andrea. He is defferent from his brothers because he has moons in his eyes like Star just that Star has stars in her eyes. He is not a playable character but he is mentioned in the game. He appears in the Anime.

He is aperson taht likes to play, specially with his brother Narse. If are bothering Star then he will get angry and he will make what he wants to you. He gets very easy in troubles but nothing happens to him becase he is tha son of Marques Reglay with Ashley and her baseball bat.


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