Lulipta Edit

Lulipta is he daughter of marques Pherae. She is also the sister of the king of Ostia, Roger. She is a simple swordgirl which is always helping other people. She is the captain of her army. She is the leader of the band The Lu's. The members of that group are: Lulipta, Ilucis, Percy, Lachesis and Lucy. She has a cousin, Ilucis.

Ellie by viceman-d5t8749

Lulipta when she is 18 years old.

Lulipta has three sons; Nucis, which is female; Ucis, which is male; and Rucis, which is the younger one. The husband of Luipta is Ilucis. Some of Lulipta's songs are: Window, Banana, Open, Darling, Peace and Love, Blue, Onii-chan!!.

Lulipta supports are: Ilucis, Percy, Lucy, Gordin, Lachesis, Cookie, Bety, Boney, Luckah, Eyla, Roger, Len, Ashly, Allie, Carmila, Natasha.

When Lulipta was young she was doing the shop for his father. That day Ilucis and Percy where doing the shopping too so they meet each other in a very stupid way. She has an unusual pet, Gordin. Gordin is a little Pegasus who lives with Lulipta. Her best friend: Gordin. Lulipta likes to sing and she discovers she do it well when she was eight years old.

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