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"If you don't love your self you are crazy, because you are the most lovely person that I have known" Ilucis to Lulipta in the A support conversation.


Ilucis is the son of marques pherae's brother. His mother is the princess of Caelin, Sue. When he was young bad people killed his mother but Allie gave her live again. That create a relationship with Allie, a relationship of respect. Ilucis's best friend is Percy, the great general. Ilucis is the brother of Lucy. Ilucis practice a lot to become the lengendary archer.

ilucis portrait in Peace and Love


Ilucis is ver loyal to his boss, Lulipta. Ilucis is also in love with Lulipta, because til' they were young they are friend with good links. Ilucis I also funny he is not the type of man that is always working. He likes to smile. He likes to sing for his friends.

Ilucis mary Lulipta then they have three children: Ucis, a man; Nucis, a girl; and Rucis, the little girl. Ilucis is very linked with Rucis. Some of Ilucis' songs are: smile, Archers, Percy?, mirror mirror, apples!, and love is with you. Ilucis's supports are: Lulipta, Lucy, Roger, Percy, Lachesis, Len, Gordin, Allie, Galdy, Damal, Liana, Carmila and Natasha.

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